Monday, 14 July 2008

Pictures from the weekend + random ones...

Been dodging about abit this weekend, out at Jukebox on friday with the wife and plakka tom and his wifey and then met up with Newrick and German George there... then on saturday, popped over Hexham for the annual 'selefest' where i met up with cooper and a few others, weather was pretty wack but coop still went for a mooch on the kiddies climbing wall which was pretty funny.... fully kitted up!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Urban Exploration photos

Here's a few photo's that i found on a forum that i think are pretty cool. There's thousands more really good pictures of some of the craziest looking places in the country.

As the copper who searched us at the MOD site said, '' If somethings happens to you here, you might never be found....''

Proper Bikes RTG Trailer

Here's a trailer for the edit for the Proper bikes video that i did from the Ride to glory trip.

The DVD should be on the front of the august issue of Ride mag

Urban Exploration

Haven't post anything for a while so i thought i would pull my finger out and stick something up...

When we nearly got our asses banged up by the ministry of defence on the Ride to glory trip for breaking into and attempting to ride some full pipes in this supposedly dis-used ''industrial site'' (MOD facility) , the security guards that apprehended us seemed very clued up about where we got our information about the location of the facility.
 - It turns out that they have quite a busy time at that place and its all thanks to these urban exploration sites such as 28dayslater, people all over the world go on these forums and share locations and photos of sites like this as well as dis-used schools, sewers and also things like high-rise cranes that are right in the middle of cities and there are some crazy photographs and stories of peoples adventures.

 - After remembering just how bitter those security guards were that we had re-cut a hole in their perimeter fence i thought i would do abit of exploring of my own and find out what kind of people go into these places and check out all of the crazy things that they climb up, go under and break into.
Some of these people seem to take it quite seriously and take time to shoot some really good photographs.
In a lot of cases it is really dangerous and definitely illegal but it is pretty interesting and you could spend hours going through all of the sites and reading the things people have been doing.
I also thought it might be a good way to find some unusual, unknown spots to ride but so far its been unsuccessful.

 - On reflection i think that the fact that we go away with not getting arrested and managed to dump (and the next day retrieve) the camera tapes which had shots of us cutting the fences is amazing and just shows how seemingly badly protected these government sites are, even if they had massive dogs.

Wait for the Ride UK write up which hopefully does it justice, as well as the footage we managed to salvage of the broken camera tape. :-)

Ill try and post up some of my favorite photos and stories that i find on the net soon!

Monday, 9 June 2008

Some trip pictures

'Ride to glory' . finished

Just got back last night from the 'Ride to glory' trip where i tagged along with Proper Bikes and filmed a bit of stuff for them.
We started at Unit 23 in Scotland and ended in Hastings for the after party.
Thanks a lot to Jamie Cameron, Carlo Griggs, Steve Bancroft, H-man and the Proper team, they all killed it!

Just captured 18 tapes, let the edit begin.
You should see it in about august.

Go over to Ride UK to see daily updates from Proper, and all of the other teams!

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Stuck in a lift...

Mad Jon, Chase Hawk, Travis Collier and some other guys get stuck in a lift in france... everyone is pretty drunk so everyone is talking shit so its pretty funny.
Mad Jon gets shut down by Chase Hawk too hahaha